Digital Portrait from a Photo on Order – in Detail

To order a portrait from a photograph in the Digital Art style, you need to:

1. Select the photo from which you would like to see the portrait be drawn (it is desirable the photo to be of a good quality). If possible, prepare additional photos where the face of the same person in another angle (it helps the artist).

If it is difficult for you to choose which photo is the best for the picture, you can contact us, send us the photos and we will help you.

2. Determine the desired size of the portrait: 2480 × 3500 pixels or 3500 × 4960 pixels.

3. Send us photos and details of the order using the order form, or contact us by phone or send us an e-mail (see Contact Us).

Please note that you can order an ordinary portrait or a portrait with additional “magical” items, flowers, clothing replacement and fabulous background.

We take a downpayment – 50%. Work on your order begins after receipt of downpayment. Information on transfer payment.

4. We do the work and send you a preview image.

What if you do not like something in the portrait?

This happens very rarely, but if it happens, if the mistakes have been made on our part, and not because the customer did not accurately set the task, provided low-quality images, and the like, we will make changes in the portrait free of charge, or completely alter it free of charge, or refund the downpayment.

If the portrait is not perfect due to the fault of the customer, making edits is also possible, however, you may need to provide an additional payment.

5. You transfer the remainder of the sum for order and we will send you the picture by the internet.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will advise you.


1. Branded signature can be placed on the portrait: Mishenin Art. If you do not want to see the signature on the portrait, please let us know.

2. Image of the portrait that you have ordered can be placed in the Gallery section (after we will send you the portrait). If you do not want such a publication, or want us to do it later, please let us know.

Prices and basic information about ordering Digital-portrait

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Gallery of digital portraits drawn by Mishenin Art studio artists

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