Caricature from Photo on Order – in Detail

Here you can order a caricature from a photo,
delivery to London, Warsaw, Dublin, New York, São Paulo, and other cities

1 Select a picture from which you would like to get the caricature (preferably photo must be of a good quality). If possible, prepare the additional photos where the person’s face is in another perspective (this will help the artist).

If it is difficult for you to choose which photo is the best for the caricature, you can contact us, send us the photos and we will help you.

2 Determine which caricature you want: colourful or black and white. Colourful caricature will be drawn with coloured pencils and/or watercolour + outline in black ink; black and white will be drawn with pencil + outline in black ink.

We can also perform a caricature in any other materials: oil, acrylic, pastel, or other. See the gallery of materials.

3 Determine the desired size of the drawing. See Formats.

4 Send us pictures and details of the order using the form, or contact us by phone or send us an e-mail (see Contact Us).

We take a downpayment – 50%. Work on your order begins after receipt of downpayment. Information on transfer payment.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will advise you.


1 Branded signature can be placed on the caricature: Mishenin Art. If you do not want to see the signature on the caricature, please let us know.
2 Photo of the caricature you’ve ordered can be placed in the Gallery (after we will give you the caricature). If you do not want such a publication, or want us to do it later, please let us know.

Gallery of the caricatures drawn by Mishenin Art Studio artists

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