The Look of Different Sizes of Drawings

A3 (30 х 40 cm)
A3 (11.6” x 16.5” / 29 х 42 сm)
A2 (40 х 60 cm)
A2 (16.5” x 23.3” / 42 х 59 сm)
A1 (60 х 80 cm)
A1 (23.3” x 33” / 59 х 84 сm)

Standard paper formats

The paper is used for the performance of drawings with pencils, coloured pencils, ink, pastel, and paintings in dry brush, watercolour, and acrylic.

Shown most popular formats with dimensions in inches and centimetres. If necessary, Mishenin Artstudio can perform another painting size.

Canvases formats

Canvas (on a stretcher-bar or fibreboard) is used for the performance of acrylic and oil paintings.

Shown basicthe most popular formats of canvases with the dimensions in inches and centimetresIf necessary, Mishenin Artstudio can performlarger picture.

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