Order Illustrations

Mishenin Art Studio works since 2011, THOUSANDS OF SATISFIED CLIENTS ALL OVER THE WORLD are part of our story!

Mishenin Art Studio artists draw any illustrations on order: for printed materials (including books), websites, films. Also, we draw caricatures, logos, sketches, and drafts.

We can draw the digital illustrations (raster, vector) and then send them to your email, and illustrations of the traditional materials (pencil, watercolour, pastels, etc.) and then deliver them to you to London, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Houston, Hong Kong, Singapore, or any other city of the world.


Here are approximate prices for a raster illustration of up to 4000*3000 pixels with examples of complexity. When ordering from 5 illustrations, we give discounts.

£29 / $40 / €34

£33 / $45 / €38

£40 / $55 / €46

Illustration order

1 Determine the plot of the picture.

2 Determine whether you need a digital illustration or an illustration of the traditional materials (pencils or paint on the paper).

3 If you need an illustration of the traditional materials, determine the size of the illustration. See Formats.

4  Contact us to send us the plot, examples of the desired style of the illustration, and other details.

We take an advance payment– 50%. Work with your order begins after receipt of the advance payment.

5 We perform a sketch and send you for approval.

6 We do the work and send you a preview picture of it.

7 You transfer the remaining payment, and we send you the work. If it is the paper illustration, see Shipping.

Note. The illustration you’ve ordered can be placed in our portfolio (after we will give you the work). If you do not want such a publication or want us to do it later, please let us know.


The advance payment and payment can be made with PayPal, a SWIFT transfer, transfer services Payoneer or Western Union, or other convenient ways.