Order a Portrait of a Photo

Here you can commission a Portrait of a photo
with shipping to London, New York, Sydney,
Melbourne, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Houston, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other cities

Mishenin Art Studio works since 2011, THOUSANDS OF SATISFIED CLIENTS ALL OVER THE WORLD are part of our story!

• Any medium: pencil, watercolour, oil, acrylic, pastel, coloured pencils, and digital.

• Shipping to London, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Houston, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other cities.

We can just SCAN the portrait, EMAIL it to you and you then PRINT it! In this case, you get a 10% discount on the order A4 size and 15% on the size A3!
This service has already benefited a large number of our customers from the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, China, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and other countries and they are very satisfied with the result!

Gallery of Portraits Drawn by Mishenin Art Studio Artists


Prices are shown for the standard deadlines. At your request, we can calculate the cost of the work in pounds sterling or other currencies.

For an additional fee, your work may be completed much faster.

The price does not include the cost of the frame.

You get a 10% discount on an A4 size order and 15% on A3 size, if you only need to get a high-quality electronic copy of the portrait. You will also receive a discount when ordering 2 or more portraits.

Size1 person2 people3 people
A4 (20×30 cm)$34 / €28$54 / €44$69 / €56
A3 (30×40 cm)$43 / €35$64 / €53$86 / €71
A2 (40×60 cm)$56 / €46$77 / €64$107 / €88
A1 (60×80 cm)$77 / €64$107 / €88$137 / €113
Watercolour / Colour Pencil / Digital Portrait
Size1 person2 people3 people
A4 (20×30 cm)$42 / €35$62 / €51$86 / €71
A3 (30×40 cm)$54 / €44$77 / €63$105 / €86
A2 (40×60 cm)$86 / €71$107 / €88$141 / €116
A1 (60×80 cm)$107 / €88$141 / €116$193 / €159
Oil / Acrylic
Size1 person2 people3 people
A4 (20×30 cm)$114 / €94$143 / €118$171 / €141
A3 (30×40 cm)$143 / €118$171 / €141$200 / €165
A2 (40×60 cm)$183 / €151$223 / €184$263 / €216
A1 (60×80 cm)$274 / €226$343 / €282$411 / €339

The Look of Different Portrait Sizes

Portrait Commissioning

1 Send us photos to [email protected] or to the Facebook pop-up messenger directly on this website.

2 We require an advance payment (50% of the order amount). Work on your order begins after we have received an advance payment. Attention! We will refund your money if you are not happy with the result!

3 Upon completing your portrait, we will send you a digital preview.

4 We then require the second half of the sum and shipping details. See Shipping.

5 Your portrait will then be shipped.
Also, you have another option for delivery, we can scan your portrait in high resolution and send you a quality copy by e-mail. In this case, you will save time and money on delivery, and also receive from us a 10% discount on A4 size and 15% on A3 size. Then you can print the drawing on ANY size, on paper, or on canvas!

More information about ordering a portrait of a photograph


The advance payment and payment can be made with PayPal or other convenient ways.

Account for payment


Mishenin Art studio will organize the shipping of the portrait to any country. See Delivery.


Deadlines for making a portrait depending on its size, the number of people in it, and the material required. Details.

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